David Lorenzo

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Shade tolerance, plastic phenotypic response to light and sensitivity to photoinhibition were studied in holly (Ilex aquifolium L.) seedlings transported from the field to a greenhouse and in adult trees in the field. All plants were growing in, or originated from, continental Mediterranean sites in central Spain. Seedlings tolerated moderate but not deep(More)
In this work we reconsider the replacement of predicate-like notation by functional terms, using a similar syntax to Functional Logic Programming, but under a completely different semantic perspective. Our starting point comes from the use of logic programs for Knowledge Representation and Nonmonotonic Reasoning, especially under three well-known semantics(More)
We focus on learning representations of dynamical systems that can be characterized by logic-based formalisms for reasoning about actions and change, where system’s behaviors are naturally viewed as appropriate logical consequences of the domain’s description. To this end, logic-based induction methods are adapted to identify the input/output behavior of a(More)
Salou is a highly specialized tourist resort on the Spanish Mediterranean Coast, located a hundred kilometres south of Barcelona. Within its narrow boundaries of 1.481 ha, Salou hosts 7.4 million overnight stays per year and is home to 52 hotels. Our case study, the area of Avinguda Carles Buigas (CB), which is today the heart of the tourism and leisure(More)