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OBJECTIVE The study aims to evaluate the long-term clinical and technical efficacy of recently developed percutaneously introducible plate electrodes for spinal cord stimulation. METHODS Twenty-one patients diagnosed with failed back surgery syndrome (FBSS) or lumboischialgia were implanted with a small profile plate-type electrode. Patients were(More)
OBJECTIVE The use of multiple cylindrical leads and multicolumn and single column paddle leads in spinal cord stimulation offers many advantages over the use of a single cylindrical lead. Despite these advantages, placement of multiple cylindrical leads or a paddle lead requires a more invasive surgical procedure. Thus, the ideal situation for lead delivery(More)
BACKGROUND In spinal cord stimulation (SCS) mainly 2 distinctive implantation techniques can be recognized: the percutaneous and surgical technique. MATERIAL AND METHODS A puncture is made with a blunt 14 gauge Tuohy needle. Once inside the epidural space the guide wire needs to be advanced in the epidural space, then the Tuohy needle is removed. The(More)
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