David Litster

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We have investigated the cellular signalling pathway by which vasopressin stimulates a Ca2(+)-dependent Cl- conductance and the effects of two known Cl- channel blockers in cultured rat A7r5 aortic smooth muscle cells using anion efflux and fluorescent Ca2+ imaging studies. Addition of vasopressin (100 nM) to A7r5 cells enhanced 125I (Cl- substitute) efflux(More)
1. Three methoxyamphetamine analogues have been incubated with Cunninghamella echinulata under different environmental and nutrient conditions. 2. The biotransformation of 4-methoxyamphetamine was inhibited by cobalt; the carbon source and other trace metals had no effect. The rate of biotransformation of 4-methoxyamphetamine and formation of(More)
When incubated alone for 7 days with the fungus Cunninghamella echinulata, tranylcypromine was extensively metabolized. As observed in mammalian systems, N-acetyltranylcypromine was the major metabolite recovered along with lesser amounts of 4-hydroxytranylcypromine, as its N,O-diacetyl derivative. The rate and extent of tranylcypromine biotransformation(More)
1. Biotransformation studies with five concentrations of racemic propranolol were conducted using the filamentous fungus Cunninghamella echinulata ATCC 9244. 2. The rate of formation and subsequent disappearance of a new major metabolite, 8-hydroxypropranolol, was dose-dependent. Desisopropylpropranolol and 4-hydroxypropranolol were also formed.(More)
The urinary elimination of 4-hydroxyamphetamine (PHA) and a series of homologous 4-alkoxy-substituted amphetamines and their metabolites was examined after single and multiple oral administration to pregnant and non-pregnant mice. The metabolic profile and extent of biotransformation in a series of alkoxy analogues were affected by the size of the alkoxy(More)
Surfactants in solution can spontaneously self-assemble to form interfacial monolayers which separate mesoscopic regions of water and oil. The statistical mechanics of the surfactant monolayers can explain the rich phase behavior and novel physical properties of microemulsion systems. Here we use x-ray reflectivity to study the intrinsic properties of a(More)
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