David Linner

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Modern telecommunication networks and classical roles of operators are subject to fundamental change. Many network operators are currently seeking for new sources to generate revenue by exposing network capabilities to 3rd party service providers. At the same time we can observe that applications on the World Wide Web (WWW) are becoming more mature in terms(More)
Pervasive Gaming, mobile gaming applications interweaved into the real world, is an emerging field for context-aware multimedia applications. Mobile multimedia applications are fostered by the improvement of hardware technology and the emergence of new devices with sufficient networking and processing capabilities. However, these extending possibilities(More)
This paper presents the networking framework as conceived within the European project BIONETS. The case for such a framework comes from the idea of a " Disappearing Network " paradigm. In the disappearing network, the network ceases to exist as an independent entity and becomes an appendix of the distributed services running on user devices. The overall(More)
Dear BIONETS members, As always, we welcome your comments and suggestions. If you would like to participate or contribute to the content of the E-Newsletter, please feel free to contact us at bionets-website@create-net.org BIONETS News • Joint BIONETS/CASCADAS stand at ICT 2008 During ICT 2008 in Lyon, we organized a joint BIONETS/CASCADAS exhibition stand.(More)
Composite distributed services involve local and remote services that get orchestrated according to specific business logic. This logic can be programmed by applying a traditional general-purpose programming language, but is generally described using a workflow language that coordinates a set of given services. The services involved in the composition, or(More)