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This prospective study was undertaken to determine the incidence of drug administration errors by anaesthetists at three tertiary South African hospitals. Hospitals A and C treat adults predominantly, whereas Hospital B is a paediatric hospital. Anaesthetists completed an anonymous study form for every anaesthetic performed over a six-month period. They(More)
This study tested the hypothesis that piglets subjected to intermittent suckling (IS) would show changes in physiological and behavioral indices indicative of compromised welfare in the peri-weaning period. A total of 21 primiparous sows and their litters were allocated to either a control treatment (n = 10) where piglets were weaned conventionally, or an(More)
Primiparous (P1) sows commonly lose excessive body reserves to meet energy requirements for maintenance and milk production during lactation, and consequently, post-weaning reproductive performance may be compromised. The present studies determined whether ad libitum feeding a glucogenic carbohydrate diet (CHO) during late lactation could stimulate insulin(More)
Many ultrasonic techniques have been proposed for large-area inspection but few can achieve the quality and versatility of information contained in the ultrasonic RF waveform. However inspection speed has always been an issue. Phased arrays can offer very rapid area coverage rates and the data acquisition and processing technology used for real-time B-scan(More)