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New urban spaces. Urban theory and the scale question
Brenner’s new book New Urban Spaces – Urban Theory and the Scale Question reads as a poignant and well-articulated (self-)critique of what the author sees as a dominant tendency in urban theory to ...
Embattled Dreamlands
In the region surrounding the Lake Van in Southeastern Turkey, where the collective experiences of violence that lie in the past (the genocide of Armenians in 1915), bleed into the present (theExpand
Entwined Narratives
‘Building the Internationalist City from Below’: The Role of the Czechoslovak Industrial Cooperative “Interhelpo” in Forging Urbanity in early-Soviet Bishkek
  • David Leupold
  • Political Science
  • International Labor and Working-Class History
  • 23 November 2020
Abstract The paper explores the historical trajectory of Interhelpo, an industrial cooperative from Czechoslovakia, and its role in forging urbanization “from below” in early-Soviet town of PishpekExpand