David Leslie

1Nikolaos Papanas
1Nicole Ritz
1Marc Tebruegge
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OBJECTIVE To examine the risk of tuberculosis (TB) in migrants a decade after their arrival in Australia. DESIGN, SETTING AND PATIENTS Retrospective review of laboratory-confirmed cases of TB in migrants diagnosed between 1990 and 2004 by the state TB reference laboratory in Victoria, analysed by a multivariate model comparing migrants diagnosed 10 or(More)
  • Marc Tebruegge, Anastasia Pantazidou, Duncan MacGregor, Gena Gonis, David Leslie, Luigi Sedda +4 others
  • 2016
BACKGROUND There are limited data on the epidemiology, diagnosis and optimal management of nontuberculous mycobacterial (NTM) disease in children. METHODS Retrospective cohort study of NTM cases over a 10-year-period at a tertiary referral hospital in Australia. RESULTS A total of 140 children with NTM disease, including 107 with lymphadenitis and 25(More)
The ongoing progress in diabetes mellitus is reflected in new treatment algorithms [1], new oral hypoglycaemic agents [2], new tests for the early diagnosis of complications [3], and improved organisation of healthcare resources [4]. The present special issue is devoted to the recent progress. The articles cover 4 thematic areas: the main area is diabetic(More)
Given a two-player zero-sum discounted-payoff stochastic game, we introduce three classes of continuous-time best-response dynamics, stopping-time best-response dynamics, closed-loop best-response dynamics, and open-loop best-response dynamics. We show the global convergence of the first two classes to the set of minimax strategy profiles, and the(More)
We examine a FlipIt game in which there are multiple resources which a monolithic attacker is trying to compromise. This extension to FlipIt was considered in a paper in GameSec 2014, and was there called FlipThem. Our analysis of such a situation is focused on the situation where the attacker's goal is to compromise a threshold of the resources. We use our(More)
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