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Data Fusion is the combination of a number of independent search results, relating to the same document collection, into a single result to be presented to the user. A number of probabilistic data fusion models have been shown to be effective in empirical studies. These typically attempt to estimate the probability that particular documents will be(More)
North American gypsy moths disperse as newly hatched larvae on wind currents in a behavior called ballooning. Because ballooning occurs before neonates begin to feed, resources used in dispersal are limited to those carried over from the egg. We show that nutritional experience of the maternal parent can influence the tendency of offspring to disperse, and(More)
A determination was made of the differences in the utilization of energy by laboratory reared larval Choristoneura fumiferana fed either balsam fir or white spruce foliage. This enabled us to quantitatively measure the quality of these foliages vis a vis the spruce budworm. The larval strategy was to feed rapidly and develop quickly. Development time was(More)
We investigate the roots of one of the world's most pernicious forms of exploitation: child sol-diering. We review a range of theories and show that most can be captured by a principal-agent model that incorporates punishments, indoctrination, and age-varying productivity. We argue it is almost always optimal to coerce rather than reward children, and show(More)
The Supervised Machine Learning task of classification has parallels with Information Retrieval (IR): in each case, items (documents in the case of IR) are required to be categorised into discrete classes (relevant or non-relevant). Thus a parallel can also be drawn between classi-fier ensembles, where evidence from multiple classifiers are combined to(More)
Through a comparison of two rural Tanzanian districts this paper traces the effects of a humanitarian influx—the arrival of refugees and international relief—on the economic practices of the host population in one Western Tanzanian district (Kasulu). It argues that, despite popular and Government claims to the contrary, there is little evidence that the(More)
When females of the eulophid parasiteEdovum puttleri were exposed to ann-hexane wash of eggs of the Colorado potato beetle,Leptinotarsa decemlineata, their responses indicated that the eggs contained a kairomone which elicited host-finding and host-acceptance behaviors. The hostfinding responses included an increased amount of time searching glass beads(More)