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Introduction: Law and order, moral panics and early modern England
Most adults living in Western societies today who consume the popular press and electronic media will have experienced a moral panic, ‘one of those episodes in which public anxieties, especially asExpand
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The British and their laws in the eighteenth century
Law and legal institutions were of huge importance in the governance of Georgian society: legislation expanded the province of administrative authority out of all proportion, while the reach of theExpand
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Marriage and the law in the eighteenth century: Hardwicke's Marriage Act of 1753*
This article is an analysis of the hysterical debates in the house of commons over the 1753 Marriage Act, placed in the context of the failure of existing marriage law to prevent clandestine marriageExpand
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Narratives of Feeling and Majesty: Mediated Emotions in the Eighteenth-Century Criminal Courtroom
ABSTRACT This article considers the role of emotion in the eighteenth-century courtroom. It discusses the work of judges and magistrates in constituting and upholding a ‘grand narrative’, whichExpand
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The concept of the moral panic : an historico-sociological positioning
This opening paragraph by Stanley Cohen is among the most cited in the sociology of deviance and the media. Indeed, as Critcher observes, many users of the concept of the moral panic quote no moreExpand
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Professors of the law : barristers and English legal culture in the eighteenth century
I. INTRODUCTION: TWO STORIES OF THE LAW Historians, the Law, and Eighteenth-Century Society Another Story of the Law: the Reputation of Lawyers and the Courts II. THE WORK OF THE BAR AND WORKING LIFEExpand
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Moral panics, the media and the law in early modern England
List of Illustrations Acknowledgements Notes on Contributors Introduction: Law and Order, Moral Panics, and Early Modern England D.Lemmings The Concept of the Moral Panic: An Historico-SociologicalExpand
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