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BACKGROUND Comprehensive global data on the health effects of indoor air pollutants are lacking. There are few large population-based multi-air pollutant health assessments. Further, little is known about indoor air health risks in the Middle East, especially in countries undergoing rapid economic development. OBJECTIVES To provide multifactorial indoor(More)
The immune response of experimentally infected hamsters and human patients to Mycoplasma pneumoniae was examined by radioimmunoprecipation in conjunction with gel electrophoresis and fluorography. Both intrinsically and extrinsically labeled mycoplasma proteins were coincubated with acute and convalescent sera in a radioimmunoprecipitation assay. Two M.(More)
Sc ca al la ab bl le e C Cl lu us st te er r A Ar rc ch hi it te ec ct tu ur re e f fo or r L Lo ow w L La at te en nc cy y A Ac cc ce es ss s U Us si in ng g x xr ro oo ot td d a an nd d o ol lb bd d S Se er rv ve er rs s Abstract The Scalla software suite provides two fundamental building blocks: an xrootd server for low latency high bandwidth data access(More)
BACKGROUND The Arabian Gulf nations are undergoing rapid economic development, leading to major shifts in both the traditional lifestyle and the environment. Although the pace of change is brisk, there is a dearth of environmental health research in this region. OBJECTIVE We describe challenges and successes of conducting an environmental epidemiologic(More)
Scientific advances depend increasingly on agility in the analysis of data, along with access to massive computation. The PetaCache project addresses the data-access issue by recognizing that the future for intense, non-sequential, data access must be based on low latency solid-state storage. The PetaCache architecture aims at a minimum unit cost, highly(More)
My primary research interests center on the remote sensing of cloud and precipitation properties from both satellite and ground-based instrumentation. My Ph.D. work at CSU consisted of the development of an optimal-estimation multiple-sensor ice cloud retrieval scheme for the instrumentation of the NASA Afternoon A-Train constellation of satellites. This(More)
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