David Leistner

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BACKGROUND The Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) World Cup, held in Germany from June 9 to July 9, 2006, provided an opportunity to examine the relation between emotional stress and the incidence of cardiovascular events. METHODS Cardiovascular events occurring in patients in the greater Munich area were prospectively assessed by(More)
A novel microwave sensor for accurate noncontacting clearance measurements in turbine engines has been designed, fabricated, and successfully tested. The sensor consists of a microwave resonant cavity probe, a MMIC based microwave module for signal generation and detection, and a signal conditioning and processing unit. To enable high temperature operation(More)
Observations have been made linking the presence of psychosocial factors associated with elevated beta-endorphin concentrations with atherosclerosis. In this study, the authors assume an important role of the stress hormone beta-endorphin in several mechanisms that contribute to a dysbalance of human endothelial and monocytic endothelin (ET)-1 and nitric(More)
An overview of the development of nearfield microwave and radar sensors at 24 GHz and 76 GHz for automotive and industrial applications is presented. Applications for the automotive industry are "stop and go" sensors and "parking-assistance / precrash-warning" sensors. Industrial applications concentrate on "radar level measurement transducers" for(More)
OBJECTIVES We sought to assess whether emotional stress-induced acute coronary syndrome (ACS) is mediated by increased inflammatory and vasoconstrictive mediators. BACKGROUND The World Cup soccer 2006 has been shown to provoke levels of stress sufficient to increase the incidence of ACS. However, the mechanisms by which stress translates into vascular(More)
A Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuit (MMIC) based gain and phase control module for use in Beam Forming Networks (BFNs) is detailed. Gain and phase are digitally controlled with 25dB of gain control range, 360° phase control range, 5 bit resolution and net gain. The module uses numerical redundancy to achieve tolerance to bit weight errors and operates(More)
A number of components and modules for space applications are developed and realised on Alumina and Aluminum-Nitride substrates using thinfilm technology. At Ku-band frequencies, Low Noise Amplifiers (LNA), Power Amplifiers, and Beam Forming Networks (BFN) are given as typical representatives. New combinations are presented of Monolithic Microwave(More)
Miniaturized low noise amplifiers are designed and realized in the frequency range from 1.5 to 1.7 GHz and 13.0 to 15.0 GHz, using pseudomorphic High Electron Mobility Transitors (PM HEMTs) for the input stages and a 2-stage Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuit (MMIC) as a gain block. For both frequency ranges the application of European semiconductor(More)
Several Coplanar Waveguide (CPW) Structures are investigated theoretically and realised on Alumina substrates using thinfilm technology. Shorted and open-ended stub elements, CPW-Microstrip and CPW-Slotline transitions, directional couplers and broadband attenuators are characterised and the measurements are presented. In particular, the application of(More)
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