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Activation of the mesolimbic dopamine system is known to trigger relapse in animal models of cocaine-seeking behavior. We found that this "priming" effect was selectively induced by D2-like, and not by D1-like, dopamine receptor agonists in rats. Moreover, D1-like receptor agonists prevented cocaine-seeking behavior induced by cocaine itself, whereas(More)
BACKGROUND Since subsyndromal depressive symptoms (SDS) are prevalent, under-recognized and clinically important problems in patients with schizophrenia, as well as in the elderly, the association and correlates of SDS in mid-life and older age patients with schizophrenia deserves more investigation. The purpose of this study is to learn more about the(More)
BACKGROUND Subsyndromal symptoms of depression (SSD) in older outpatients with schizophrenia are common and clinically important. While many physicians prescribe antidepressants to patients with schizophrenia and schizoaffective disorder who have SSD, evidence for their effectiveness and safety has been meager. We describe a randomized placebo-controlled(More)
PURPOSE To assess immediate and near-term effects of an instructional set on select gait parameters in people living with Parkinson disease (PD). SUBJECTS Five individuals with early stage PD participated in a within subject design in Part One. Eleven individuals with early stage PD were randomly assigned to a treatment group (n = 5) or a control group (n(More)
BACKGROUND Decreased bone mineral density (BMD) has been documented frequently in female patients with schizophrenia receiving antipsychotic therapy with potent dopamine D(2) antagonists, but there has been much less coverage of this issue in male patients with schizophrenia despite the fact that older males who sustain osteopenia-related hip fractures have(More)
Lower extremity strength and joint range of motion, body sway, and electromyography responses have all been determined to be factors in balance control of healthy older individuals. The purpose of this study was to identify variables which effect balance control (equilibrium scores) of persons with Parkinsonism, and examine their relationships and(More)
OBJECTIVE The objectives are to delineate the nature of subsyndromal depressive symptoms (SSD) in midlife and older patients with schizophrenia and schizoaffective disorder by: 1) describing the relationship of SSD with a number of other clinical features; and 2) examining which specific depressive symptoms are increased in patients broadly defined as(More)
A growing number of physiotherapists around the globe have begun incorporating acupuncture into their treatment plans for patients with neuromuscular conditions. Acupuncture has been established as being safe and effective within the 11 countries forming the International Acupuncture Association of Physical Therapists (IAAPT), allowing for acupuncture to be(More)