David Lefèvre-Groboillot

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Interaction between microperoxidase-8 (MP8), a water-soluble hemeprotein model, and a wide range of N-aryl and N-alkyl N'-hydroxyguanidines and related compounds has been investigated using UV-visible, EPR, and resonance Raman spectroscopies. All the N-hydroxyguanidines studied bind to the ferric form of MP8 with formation of stable low-spin iron(III)(More)
The interaction of various N-alkyl- and N-aryl-N'-hydroxyguanidines with recombinant NOS containing or not containing tetrahydrobiopterin (BH(4)) was studied by visible, electronic paramagnetic resonance (EPR), and resonance Raman (RR) spectroscopy. N-Hydroxyguanidines interact with the oxygenase domain of BH(4)-free inducible NOS (BH(4)-free iNOS(oxy)),(More)
The binding of several alkyl- and aryl-guanidines and N-hydroxyguanidines to the oxygenase domain of inducible NO-synthase (iNOS(oxy)) was studied by UV/Vis difference spectroscopy. In a very general manner, monosubstituted guanidines exhibited affinities for iNOS(oxy) that were very close to those of the corresponding N-hydroxyguanidines. The highest(More)
The formation of nitric oxide (NO) was followed during the oxidation of 37 N-hydroxyguanidines or related derivatives, including 18 new N-aryl N'-hydroxyguanidines, by recombinant inducible nitric oxide synthase (NOS II). Several N-aryl N'-hydroxyguanidines bearing a relatively small, electron-donating para subtituent, such as H, F, Cl, CH(3), OH, OCH(3),(More)
Single turnover reactions of the inducible nitric oxide synthase oxygenase domain (iNOSoxy) in the presence of several non alpha-amino acid N-hydroxyguanidines and guanidines were studied by stopped-flow visible spectroscopy, and compared with reactions using the native substrates L-arginine (L-arg) or N(omega)-hydroxy-L-arginine (NOHA). In experiments(More)
A study of the oxidation of a series of guanidines related to L-arginine (L-Arg) and of various alkyl- and arylguanidines, by recombinant NO-synthase II (NOS II), led us to the discovery of the first non-alpha-amino acid guanidine substrate of NOS, acting as an efficient NO precursor. This compound, 3-(trifluoromethyl)propylguanidine, 4, led to a rate of NO(More)
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