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computing between what is desirable and what is practical. This divide is inherent and caused by, among other things, constraints in size and power as well as the lack of a reliable network connection. All these compound to make the mobile computing environment a harsh one. None of this, however, has prevented the proliferation of mobile computers, from(More)
Piconet is a general purpose, low powered, ad-hoc radio network. It provides a base level of connectivity to even the simplest of sensing and computing objects. It is our intention that a full range of portable and embedded devices may make use of this connectivity. This paper outlines the Piconet system, under development at the Olivetti and Oracle(More)
The purpose of this in terim report. This interim report forms part of the ESRC project 'The Cappuccino Community : cafés and civic life in the contemporary city' (R000239797). Its original data was drawn from various sources including the planned project ethnographies of a variety of coffee serving venues, favourite haunts of the researchers, novels, café(More)
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