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The intrusive features associated with the Jurassic dolerites of Tasmania are generally well displayed, but rarely is more than one feature visible at anyone site. The great range of characters can, however, be reviewed and inspected by visiting only four sites. Each site provides information which can constrain any hypotheses for mechanisms of emplacement(More)
Soluble Epstein--Barr virus (EBV) associated antigens of P3HR-1 and Raji cell lines, which fix complement in the presence of human sera containing antibody against EBV--VCA antigens, were partially purified by fractionating centrifuged cell lysates by the method of immunoadsorbents or by precipitation with ammonium sulphate or glycine--HCl. Purification(More)
Existing literature describing the joints in high dolerite cliffs and at the Tessellated Pavement on the Tasman Peninsula offers conflicting views concerning their origin. Recent writers have preferred a tectonic origin. Although regional structures do affect both pavement and cliffrocks, these are not pervasive at outcrop scale. The rock pillars ofthe high(More)
The soluble complement-fixing antigen of the P3HR-1 Burkitt's lymphoma cell line, identified with human serum containing antibody against Epstein-Barr virus viral capsid antigen, loses activity under a variety of conditions. The major characteristic reported here is retention of activity on exposure to specific physical or chemical conditions followed by(More)
Soluble complement-fixing (CF) antigens of the virus-producing and virus-nonproducing P3HR-1 and RAJI Burkitt lymphoma cell lines and Hk-Ly-28 nasopharyngeal cancer cell line, identified by use of viral capsid antigen-positive human sera, could readily be distinguished by differences in their stability to chemical and physical conditions. The P3HR-1 soluble(More)
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