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Continuing population and consumption growth will mean that the global demand for food will increase for at least another 40 years. Growing competition for land, water, and energy, in addition to the overexploitation of fisheries, will affect our ability to produce food, as will the urgent requirement to reduce the impact of the food system on the(More)
A general caging method for proteins that are regulated by phosphorylation was used to study the in vivo biochemical action of cofilin and the subsequent cellular response. By acute and local activation of a chemically engineered, light-sensitive phosphocofilin mimic, we demonstrate that cofilin polymerizes actin, generates protrusions, and determines the(More)
In metastatic rat mammary adenocarcinoma cells, cell motility can be induced by epidermal growth factor. One of the early events in this process is the massive generation of actin barbed ends, which elongate to form filaments immediately adjacent to the plasma membrane at the tip of the leading edge. As a result, the membrane moves outward and forms a(More)
Parallel fiber synapses onto Purkinje neurons in acute cerebellar slices undergo long-term depression (LTD) when presynaptic activity coincides with postsynaptic depolarization. These electrical inputs can be respectively replaced by nitric oxide (NO) and Ca2+ photolytically released inside the Purkinje neuron, showing that these two messengers are(More)
The substrate recognition determinants of Ca2+-calmodulin-dependent protein kinase (CaMK) IV and CaMKIIalpha were investigated using peptide substrates modeled on the amino acid sequence encompassing Ser-9 of synapsin I. For both kinases, hydrophobic residues (Leu or Phe) at the -5 position, are well tolerated, whereas non-hydrophobic residues (Arg, Ala, or(More)
Previous research has suggested that cGMP-dependent protein kinases (cGKs) may play a role in long-term potentiation in hippocampus, but their site of action has been unknown. We examined this question at synapses between pairs of hippocampal neurons in dissociated cell culture. Injection of a specific peptide inhibitor of cGK into the presynaptic but not(More)
This study aimed to (a) investigate the effect of using a hearing aid in conjunction with a cochlear implant in opposite ears on speech perception in quiet and in noise, (b) identify the speech information obtained from a hearing aid that is additive to the information obtained from a cochlear implant, and (c) explore the relationship between aided(More)
BACKGROUND High levels of comorbid physical illness and excess mortality rates have been previously documented in people with severe mental illness, but outcomes following myocardial infarction and other acute coronary syndromes are less clear. AIMS To examine inequalities in the provision of invasive coronary procedures (revascularisation, angiography,(More)