David Lawless

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Hybridoma fusions with hamster hosts were undertaken to generate mAbs to mouse spleen dendritic cells. Two mAb were obtained and used to uncover the distinct integrins of these APC. One, 2E6, bound a determinant common to all members of the CD11/CD18 family, most likely the shared 90 kD CD18 beta chain. 2E6 immunoprecipitated the characteristic beta 2(More)
The observation that glucocorticoids increase the abundance of apolipoprotein A-I led us to a search for potential underlying mechanism(s). In this report, we show that the synthetic glucocorticoid, dexamethasone, injected into rats increases serum levels of apoA-I protein, hepatic mRNA and "run-on' transcription of the gene by 3-, 5-, and 2-fold,(More)
We study the problem of monitoring goals, team structure and state of agents, in dynamic systems where teams and goals change over time. The setting for our study is an asymmetric urban warfare environment in which uncoordinated or loosely coordinated units may attempt to attack an important target. The task is to detect a threat such as an ambush, as early(More)
– We describe a novel clustering approach for aggregating mobile (typically potentially hostile) units in cluttered urban environments. The approach consists of a suite of spatiotemporal clustering algorithms that leverage the wealth of military sensor data available to provide insight into " what is strange " about a given situation, without knowing(More)
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