David Lauzon

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Retrieving relevant cases is a crucial component of case-based reasoning systems. The task is to use user-deened query to retrieve useful information, i.e., exact matches or partial matches which are close to query-deened request according to certain measures. The diiculty stems from the fact that it may not be easy (or it may be even impossible) to specify(More)
Advanced applications in elds such as CAD, Software Engineering, Real-Time Process Control, Corporate Repositories and Digital Libraries require the construction, eecient access and management of large, shared knowledge bases. Such knowledge bases cannot be built using existing tools such as expert system shells, because these do not scale up; nor can they(More)
The features of a compiler for the Taxis design language are described and discussed. Taxis offers an entity-based framework for designing interactive information systems and supports generalisation, classification and aggregation as abstraction mechanisms. Its features include multiple inheritance of attributes, isA hierarchies of transactions,(More)
In this paper, we discuss an electronic business application framework and its related architecture. The framework is presented in the form of a prototype system which illustrates how XML tools can assist organizations on building and deploying e-commerce applications. The use of the system is presented in the form of a sample e-commerce application that(More)
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