David Larson

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IBM POWER5e systems combine enhancements in the IBM PowerPCe processor architecture with greatly enhanced firmware to significantly increase the virtualization capabilities of IBM POWERe servers. The POWER hypervisor, the basis of the IBM Virtualization Enginee technologies on POWER5 systems, delivers leading-edge mainframe virtualization technologies to(More)
A major barrier for computer-based clinical decision support (CDS), is the difficulty in obtaining the patient information required for decision making. The information gap is often due to deficiencies in the clinical documentation. One approach to address this gap is to gather and reconcile data from related documents or data sources. In this paper we(More)
Although it is widely accepted that black fly larvae employ filter feeding as their primary mode of nutrient intake, other forms of food acquisition, such as predation, may be more prevalent than previously realized. It has been suggested that environments where particulate matter is low, such as high-elevation seasonal streams, may drive predatory behavior(More)