David Larochelle

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education, better interface design, and security conscious defaults. With software implementation flaws, however, the problems are typically both preventable and well understood. Analyzing reports of security attacks quickly reveals that most attacks do not result from clever attackers discovering new kinds of flaws, but rather stem from repeated exploits(More)
Buffer overflow attacks may be today's single most important security threat. This paper presents a new approach to mitigating buffer overflow vulnerabilities by detecting likely vulnerabilities through an analysis of the program source code. Our approach exploits information provided in semantic comments and uses lightweight and efficient static analyses.(More)
At the heart of aspect-oriented programming is the exposure of certain phenomena in the execution of one set of program elements to behavioral modifications specified by other elements. The phenomena are join points. The modifying elements are aspects. The problem that we address is that current aspect-oriented languages do not provide adequate means to(More)
This Article proposes a novel and provocative analysis of judicial opinions that are published without indicating individual authorship. Our approach provides an unbiased, quantitative, and computer scientific answer to a problem that has long plagued legal commentators. United States courts publish a shocking number of judicial opinions without divulging(More)
Secure shell (SSH) can safely be called one of the rare successes in which a more secure technology has largely replaced a less secure but entrenched tool: telnet. We perform a market analysis to determine how and why SSH succeeded despite the existence of an entrenched legacy tool while similar technologies such as secure file transfer protocols have been(More)
Identifying topics in news, tracking their temporal dynamics , and understanding how different media sources cover them have important theoretical and practical implications for journalism researchers, producers, and consumers. The explosive growth of online news sources, however, suggests that scalable approaches to topical analysis are needed. We(More)
" Hackers, virus-writers and web site defacers would face life imprisonment without the possibility of parole under legislation proposed by the Bush Administration that would classify most computer crimes as acts of terrorism. " D igital Millennium Copyright Act, a law that turned me, collegles, professors , and many others into criminals overnight. Edward(More)
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