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In this thesis, we describe a statistical method for 3D object detection. In this method, we decompose the 3D geometry of each object into a small number of viewpoints. For each viewpoint , we construct a decision rule that determines if the object is present at that specific orientation. Each decision rule uses the statistics of both object appearance and(More)
We have begun development of a telerobotic system to replace a human camera operator in endoscopic surgical procedures. The system will consist oj' U remote center-oFm:motion manipulator holding the endoscope; U computer workstation supporting image processing, graphicx, manipulator control, and other junctions; and a variety oj' man-machine interfirces(More)
Existing featureless image mosaicing techniques do not pay enough attention to the robustness of the image registration process, and are not able to combine multiple video sequences into an integrated panoramic view. These problems have certainly restricted applications of the existing methods for large-scale panorama composition, video content overview and(More)
We have developed a set of perception and control technologies to support practical and effective teleoperation of industrial work robots for use in a variety of industries and tasks. This system is suitable for control of remote mobile robots and manipulators in industrial settings, contaminated or hazardous areas, and on remote platforms over(More)
A Telerobotic Assistant tor Laparoscopic burgery he goal of this work is to develop a new T generation of " intelligent " surgical systems that can work cooperatively with a human surgeon to off-load routine tasks, reduce the number of people needed in the operating room, and provide new capabilities that complement the surgeon's own skills. An underlying(More)