David LaBerge

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Recurrent neural activity is a pervasive mode of cortical operations and is believed to underlie cognitive functions of working memory, attention, and the generation of spontaneous activity during sleep . It is proposed here that activity in corticothalamic recurrent circuits underlies the sustaining of attention, and that extended durations of attention(More)
Pyramidal neurons of the neocortex display a wide range of synchronous EEG rhythms, which arise from electric activity along the apical dendrites of neocortical pyramidal neurons. Here we present a theoretical description of oscillation frequency profiles along apical dendrites which exhibit resonance frequencies in the range of 10 to 100 Hz. The apical(More)
We compared the performance of a sustained attention task by children with epilepsy in either the frontal or temporal lobe. In a new simple task that specifically measures preparatory attention, developed recently by LaBerge, Auclair, and Siéroff [LaBerge, D., Auclair, L., & Siéroff, E. (2000). Preparatory attention: Experiment and theory. Consciousness and(More)
Most neural fibers of the cerebral cortex engage in electric signaling, but one particular fiber, the apical dendrite of the pyramidal neuron, specializes in electric resonating. This dendrite extends upward from somas of pyramidal neurons, the most numerous neurons of the cortex. The apical dendrite is embedded in a recurrent corticothalamic circuit that(More)
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