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Mothers in the Motherland: Stalinist Pronatalism in Its Pan-European Context
Beginning in the nineteenth century and coming to fruition after the First World War, there developed a new way of thinking about population resources and their importance to national power.Expand
The Stalinist Era
Stalinist Society, 1928-1953. By Mark Edele. Oxford Histories. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2011. x, 367 pp. Notes. Bibliography. Index. Figures. Tables. $99.00, hard bound. $35.00, paper.
nance of the military—the differences were also significant. The White government in the north was distinctly more left-leaning and civilian than its counterparts in the south (A. I. Denikin),Expand
Land, freedom, and discontent: Russian peasants of the central industrial region prior to collectivisation
THE REVOLUTION OF 1917 seemed to usher in a golden era of land and freedom for the Russian peasantry. The flight of the nobility and tsarist officials from the countryside left peasants with bothExpand
Stalin's Last Generation: Soviet Post-War Youth and the Emergence of Mature Socialism. By Juliane Fürst. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2010. xiv, 391 pp. Notes. Bibliography. Glossary. Index.
of industrialization. In his turn.Josephson looks down upon the east European "proletarian aesthetics" (chapter 2) through the eyes of a typical American tourist. He does not notice the extraordinaryExpand
The most important of Lenin’s writings was, arguably, Imperialism: the Highest Stage of Capitalism. That work shifted the focus from workers’ struggles within one country to the dynamics ofExpand