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1. Synchronization of intercostal motoneurones was studied by the construction of cross-correlation histograms which related the firing times of paired groups of efferent inspiratory or expiratory discharges recorded from filaments of the external or internal nerves of anaesthetized or decerebrate cats.2. The principal feature of the histograms was always a(More)
The effects of a range of doses of trimethyltin chloride (1.8-7.0 mg/kg, TMT) on responding maintained under a differential-reinforcement-of-low-rate 15-sec schedule of water presentation were examined in rats. TMT produced a large decrease in the percent of reinforced responses and consequently a decrease in the rate of reinforcement. These effects were(More)
We examined the magnetic resonance properties of 12 paramagnetic piperidinyl nitroxyls in water and plasma solutions. Paramagnetic contributions to proton relaxation times were measured using 10.7 and 100 MHz spectrometers. Proton relaxation enhancement from nitroxyls increased with ascending molecular weight, in plasma solutions versus equimolar aqueous(More)
Because of the ease of application to the animal's exposed skin, the measurement by A-scan ultrasonics of backfat on pigs is an established technique; but difficulties are experienced with unshorn sheep because the fleece presents an obstacle, as a parting of the wool offers only a limited aperture for insonification of the subcutaneous tissues. Also,(More)
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