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a r t i c l e i n f o The growing prevalence of antibiotic resistance calls for new approaches in the development of antimicrobial therapeutics. Likewise, improved diagnostic measures are essential in guiding the application of targeted therapies and preventing the evolution of therapeutic resistance. Discovery platforms are also needed to form new(More)
Split T7 RNA polymerase provides new avenues for creating synthetic gene circuits that are decoupled from host regulatory processes—but how many times can this enzyme be split, yet retain function? New research by Voigt and colleagues (Segall-Shapiro et al, 2014) indicates that it may be more than you think. S ynthetic gene circuits have become an(More)
BCB graduate students are welcome to ask any of our sta for assistance at any time. is page provides information regarding each sta member's job title. e rst help resource for graduate students is Angel Forward, the sta graduate program coordinator. is year she will handle all graduate student records, including payroll and travel award applications. Her(More)
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