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OBJECTIVE In adults, posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is associated with adverse health outcomes and high medical utilization and cost. PTSD is twice as common in women and is associated with increased risk for a range of diseases, chronic conditions, and reproductive-health problems. Little is known about the health effects of PTSD in children. The(More)
The health promotion model (HPM) was tested as a causal model of construction workers' use of hearing protection (N = 359). Theoretical and exploratory models fit well, with the theoretical model accounting for 36.3% of variance and the exploratory model accounting for 50.6% of variance in hearing protection use. Value of use (benefits of using hearing(More)
OBJECTIVE Cognitive assessment in individuals with cancer requires both measured performance on neuropsychological tests and self-report of effectiveness in functioning. Few instruments are available to assess the perceived impact of cognitive alterations on daily functioning in individuals treated for cancer. In this study, we investigated the psychometric(More)
Recent revisions of cognitive dissonance theory no longer encompass some of the important examples, data, and hypotheses that were part of Festinger's original statement. Further, the psychological character of the motivation for cognitive change can be interpreted, in recent statements of the theory, as a need to preserve self-esteem rather than a need to(More)
INTRODUCTION Little is known about the relation between duration of physical activity and obesity. The objective of this study was to compare the effects of physical activity in bouts (> or = 10 minutes) to the effects of physical activity in nonbouts (<10 minutes) on markers of obesity. METHODS We used data from the 2003-2004 National Health and(More)
  • D L Ronis
  • 1992
We combined the health belief model with the theory of subjective expected utility to derive hypotheses about the relations among health beliefs and preventive decisions. The central implication of this combination of theories is the importance of conceptualizing, measuring, and communicating about health threats in ways that are clearly conditional on(More)
In this project we tested the effectiveness of a theory-based intervention (video, pamphlets, and guided practice session) to increase the use of hearing protection devices (HPDs) among Midwestern construction workers and a national group of plumber/pipefitter trainers. Posttest measures were collected 10-12 months following this intervention. Pender's(More)
The authors examined the relationship between depressive symptoms, smoking, problem drinking, and quality of life among 973 head and neck cancer patients who were surveyed and had their charts audited. Forty-six percent screened positive for depressive symptoms, 30% smoked, and 16% screened positive for problem drinking. Controlling for clinical and(More)
PURPOSE The Corah Dental Anxiety Scale was introduced in 1969. Since then, changes in dental practice and language usage have dated the scale. The purposes of this study were to (1) slightly modify the scale, (2) assess its reliability and validity, and (3) develop norms for the revised version. The scale modifications recognized the roles of dental(More)