David L. Ronis

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 Solanum bulbocastanum, a wild, diploid (2n=2x=24) Mexican species, is highly resistant to Phytophthora infestans, the fungus that causes late blight of potato. However this 1 EBN species is virtually impossible to cross directly with potato. PEG-mediated fusion of leaf cells of S. bulbocastanum PI 245310 and the tetraploid potato line S. tuberosum PI(More)
OBJECTIVE To identify clinical predictors of quality of life (QoL) in a head and neck cancer patient population. DESIGN, PATIENTS, AND SETTING A convenience sample of 570 patients with upper aerodigestive tract cancers were surveyed at a tertiary care oncology clinic and Veterans Affairs otolaryngology clinic. INTERVENTIONS A self-administered health(More)
This study examined gender and developmental differences in exercise-related beliefs and exercise behaviors of 286 racially diverse youth and explored factors predictive of exercise. Compared to males, females reported less prior and current exercise, lower self-esteem, poorer health status, and lower exercise self-schema. Adolescents, in contrast to(More)
Earlier research indicated that attentional fatigue with reduced capacity to direct attention in women treated for breast cancer may be ameliorated by a theoretically based intervention involving regular exposure to the natural environment. This study tested the efficacy of a natural environment intervention aimed at restoring attention in 157 women with(More)
We present the theory and application of reciprocal space image correlation spectroscopy (kICS). This technique measures the number density, diffusion coefficient, and velocity of fluorescently labeled macromolecules in a cell membrane imaged on a confocal, two-photon, or total internal reflection fluorescence microscope. In contrast to r-space correlation(More)
OBJECTIVE To estimate prevalence and assess the association of types of trauma with posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in a sociodemographically and racially mixed sample of women from both predominantly Medicaid and privately insured settings who are expecting their first infant. METHODS Structured telephone diagnostic interview data were analyzed for(More)
BACKGROUND/PURPOSE This study examined a stress-coping model to assess whether baseline antecedent variables predicted subsequent appraisal and how that appraisal predicted coping and quality of life for prostate cancer patients and their spouses. METHODS In a sample of 121 prostate cancer patient/spouse dyads, we assessed baseline antecedent variables(More)
PURPOSE The purpose of the study was to determine the relationship between life-stage variables (ie, age at diagnosis and years of survival) and quality-of-life (QOL) outcomes in long-term survivors of breast cancer. DESCRIPTION OF STUDY In this cross-sectional study, 105 long-term survivors of breast cancer participated in a mailed survey assessing QOL.(More)
BACKGROUND Most farmers are exposed to potentially hazardous noise levels through many of their work activities, such as operating tractors, grain dryers, and chain saws. Rates of noise-induced hearing loss in this group are high. Although this condition is preventable through the use of hearing protection, rates of protective device use are low.(More)
BACKGROUND Few intervention programs assist patients and their family caregivers to manage advanced cancer and maintain their quality of life (QOL). This study examined (i) whether patient-caregiver dyads (i.e., pairs) randomly assigned to a brief or extensive dyadic intervention (the FOCUS Program) had better outcomes than dyads randomly assigned to usual(More)