David L. Martell

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Helicopters are used extensively to transport initial-attack crews to forest fires in the province of Ontario. Each day fire managers must decide how to allocate the available helicopters to initial-at.tack bases. The helitack transport system at each base can be viewed as a multi-channel queue with customers (fires) and servers (helicopters). The authors(More)
Forest fire managers in the province of Ontario, Canada have used computer-based decision support systems (DSSs) and actively supported their development since the late 1970's. I describe four DSS projects in which I was involved and discuss factors that I believe contributed to the success and failure of those initiatives. I then outline some emerging fire(More)
—Each day regional fire duty officers must decide how many airtankers to acquire and where to deploy them to minimize initial attack response time. We consider the case of fire arrival rates that vary over the day and several bases with overlapping attack zones. We describe how we extended Larson's steady state hypercube queueing model to account for(More)