David L. Krantz

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In accordance with the usual strategy of parsimony in science, the effects of extreme contexts upon absolute judgment were interpreted initially as illustrating a single process of relativity of judgment or adaptation level. The most economical interpretation of the data to be presented here necessitates the postulation of two such processes, both producing(More)
Resistance or struggle photography is a term describing the photographic documentation of conflict between oppressed and oppressor from the perspective of the subjugated. An example of this genre is explored in the context of apartheid South Africa during the 1980s through the work of a collective called Afrapix. This group’s images of the repression of(More)
This paper maintains that mental health delivery systems must be supplemented by critical analyses of the hidden assumptions that guide policy and technique decisions. It compares the intellectual and clinical impact of B.F. Skinner with that of R.D. Laing, and considers the significance of Skinner's generally less preferred theoretical position having(More)
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