David L. Kleinman

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This paper presents a design methodology for synthesizing organizations to execute complex missions efficiently. It focuses on devising mission planning strategies to optimally achieve mission goals while optimally utilizing organization’s resources. Effective planning is often the key to successful completion of the mission, and conversely, mission failure(More)
Over the past several years, researchers within the ONR-sponsored Adaptive Architectures for Command and Control (A2C2) research program have been investigating the concept of organizational “congruence”. These model-based theories loosely state that the better an organization is matched structurally to the overall mission (as measured using a multi-variant(More)
In this paper, we present a methodology for quantifying the degree of fit between a mission and an organization based on the closeness between the task structure (i.e., resource requirements and task interdependence) and the DM-asset allocation across the organization (i.e., amount and distribution of resource capabilities among DMs, and organizational(More)
This paper presents a multiobjective structural optimization process of designing an organization to execute a specific mission. We provide mathematical formulations for optimization problems arising in Phases II and III of our organizational design process (Phase I was presented in Part I of this paper [56]) and polynomial algorithms to solve the(More)