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4 operations centers (MOC), in which multiple DMs with partial information and partial control over assets are involved in the development of operational level plans. The MOC emphasizes standardized processes and methods, centralized assessment and guidance, networked distributed planning capabilities, and decentralized execution for assessing, planning and(More)
—This paper presents a design methodology for synthesizing organizations to execute complex missions efficiently. It fo-cuses on devising mission planning strategies to optimally achieve mission goals while optimally utilizing organization's resources. Effective planning is often the key to successful completion of the mission, and conversely, mission(More)
—This paper presents a multiobjective structural optimization process of designing an organization to execute a specific mission. We provide mathematical formulations for optimization problems arising in Phases II and III of our organizational design process (Phase I was presented in Part I of this paper [56]) and polynomial algorithms to solve the(More)
—In Parts I and II of this paper, we presented a three-phase iterative optimization process to design normative organizations. Such organizations are mission-based in that they are organized to perform a given task and then are dissolved. The objectives of the present paper are to 1) define and classify the processes of strategy and structural adaptation in(More)