David L. Hwang

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Experimental chemical hepatocellular carcinomas that were induced in male F344 rats using three different regimens of limited exposure to the carcinogens 2-acetylaminofluorene or diethylnitrosamine were characterized by very low (as compared to peritumorous or normal tissues) binding of epidermal growth factor and decreased autophosphorylation of the(More)
Platelet-rich plasma in acidic-citrate-dextrose anticoagulant was kept for 5 days in an oxygen-permeable bag at 22 degrees C in an incubator/rotator. Platelet count remained stable throughout the experiment. On days 0, 3 and 5, aliquots were removed; platelets were isolated by centrifugation at 22 degrees C, 1500 g for 20 min, reconstituted to the original(More)
Submandibular glands in mice were traumatized by handling and then removed. Immunoreactive epidermal growth factor (EGF) in serum increased after 5 min and continued to increase, reaching at 1 h a peak of 50-fold normal in males and twice normal in females. If after traumatization the glands were repositioned with their blood supply intact, maximal increase(More)
Anesthetized mice were infused into the tail vein with 7.5% mannitol in saline (0.1 ml/min for 60 min) alone or with EGF at 0.5 microgram/min. Urine was collected every 10 min starting 20 min after the beginning of the infusion and ending 20 min after its termination. EGF concentration in the serum of mice infused with EGF increased from the baseline level(More)
This paper describes the application of the Object-Oriented Design of Reliable/Reconfigurable Architectures (OODRA) workbench to the performance simulation of an adaptive digital beamforming architecture. The performance effects due to chip partitioning and reconfiguration for fault tolerance and yield enhancement are presented. The experiments described(More)
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