David L. Herbert

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We describe an improved method for positioning the head for stereotactic brain surgery of aneurysms. The method uses a mathematical calculation and requires some physical modifications in the Todd-Wells stereotactic apparatus. This procedure achieves (1) a reduction in the number of angiograms needed and (2) an increase in the speed and accuracy of(More)
This study investigated the relative efficiencies of a stereographic display and two monoscopic display schemes for detecting lung nodules in chest computed tomography (CT). The ultimate goal was to determine whether stereoscopic display provides advantages for visualization and interpretation of three-dimensional (3D) medical image datasets. A(More)
The three purposes of this study were: (a) to determine if treatment that is matched to a depressed subject's problematic behavioral response class (irrational cognitions, social skills problems, few pleasant events) is more effective in alleviating depression than is mismatched treatment; (b) to determine if a package treatment is as effective as or more(More)
CONTEXT Physicians need to consider medical-legal issues when volunteering their time to assist with community mass-participation and athletic events. This article also reviews medical-legal aspects of the volunteer physician's out-of-state practice. Seven cases illustrate the importance of expertise and planning to avoid legal issues for the volunteer(More)
This study examined the responsivity of depressives' behavior to contingent social feedback within the framework of Coyne's and Lewinsohn's models of depression. Subjects included 10 depressed inpatients, 8 nondepressed psychiatric inpatients, and 10 nondepressed individuals. Each subject participated in two structured interactions with an experimenter in(More)
Frontal tomograms of 100 normal sellae were examined. The sellar floor was usually flat or had a smooth central depression of less than 2 mm. Six per cent had a marked central depression. In such cases, the lateral angles of the sellar floor, usually rounded, may be sharp, so that the diagnosis of intrasellar lesions cannot be based on such alterations.(More)
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