David L. Frattarelli

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Organic-inorganic films grown entirely via a vapor-phase deposition process and composed of highly polarizable molecular structures are investigated as gate dielectrics in organic field-effect transistors (OFETs). Molecules 1 and 2 form self-ordered thin films via hydrogen bonding, and these organic-inorganic structures exhibit large capacitances and large(More)
Organic field-effect transistor (OFETs) are fabricated using thin, vapor-deposited films of both the gate dielectric (vapor-deposited self-assembled nanodielectric, v-SAND) and the organic semiconductor. The nanoscopic self-assembled gate dielectrics are structurally organized via molecular precursor hydrogen-bonding interactions, followed by planarization(More)
Efficiently organizing molecular nonlinear optical (NLO) chromophores having large first-order hyperpolarizabilities (beta) into acentric microstructures for electro-optic (EO) applications represents a significant materials synthesis and processing challenge, in part due to interchromophore dipolar interactions that promote centrosymmetric organization.(More)
Molecular chromophores with twisted π-electron systems have been shown to possess unprecedented values of the quadratic hyperpolarizability, β, with very large real parts and much smaller imaginary parts. We report here an experimental and theoretical study which shows that these twisted chromophores also possess very large values of the real part of the(More)
The systematic synthesis, structural, optical spectroscopic, and second-order nonlinear optical (NLO) characterization of a series of donor-acceptor poly-arylene chromophores which have heretofore unachieved π-extension and substantial twisting from planarity, are reported: specifically, two-ring 2TTMC,(More)
Yiliang Wang,‡ David L. Frattarelli,‡ Antonio Facchetti,‡ Elena Cariati,*,§ Elisa Tordin,§ Renato Ugo,§ Cristiano Zuccaccia,| Alceo Macchioni,*,| Staci L. Wegener,‡ Charlotte L. Stern,‡ Mark A. Ratner,*,‡ and Tobin J. Marks*,‡ Department of Chemistry and the Materials Research Center, Northwestern UniVersity, 2145 Sheridan Road, EVanston, Illinois(More)
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