David L. Ferro

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The growing interest in multimodal interface design is inspired in large part by the goals of supporting more transparent, flexible, efficient, and powerfully expressive means of human–computer interaction than in the past. Multimodal interfaces are expected to support a wider range of diverse applications, be usable by a broader spectrum of the average(More)
This workshop will bring together a small group of researchers and practitioners to discuss how to design applications with both a <i>verbal</i> user interface (the user hears and speaks to the application) and a <i>visual</i> user interface (the user draws/writes and sees the application). Our goal is to better understand the issues that face designers of(More)
The bulk of Science Fiction (SF) has not predicted the most influential computer technologies of the late 20th century. This paper begins with an exception entitled “A Logic Named Joe” and its accurate description of the contemporary environment of PCs and the World Wide Web. It then proposes the possible historical and cultural value of SF in(More)
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