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Nima G Moghaddam4
Lian V Dimaro2
Markus Reuber2
Nicole A Roberts2
4Nima G Moghaddam
2Lian V Dimaro
2Markus Reuber
2Nicole A Roberts
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BACKGROUND Whether early detection and treatment of prostate cancer (PCa) will reduce disease-related mortality remains uncertain. As a result, tools are needed to facilitate informed decision making. While there have been several decision aids (DAs) developed and tested, very few have included an exercise to help men clarify their values and preferences(More)
Researchers have proposed that the cognitive distortions of sexual offenders are underpinned by a number of implicit cognitive processes termed implicit theories. Until recently, however, the implicit theory hypothesis has received little empirical support due to broader limitations with standard forensic assessment procedures. The current research aimed to(More)
This study examined implicit and explicit anxiety in individuals with epilepsy and psychogenic nonepileptic seizures (PNESs) and explored whether these constructs were related to experiential avoidance and seizure frequency. Based on recent psychological models of PNESs, it was hypothesized that nonepileptic seizures would be associated with implicit and(More)
This article systematically reviewed studies of parental bonding in people with eating disorders. MEDLINE, PsychINFO, EMBASE and CINAHL were searched to identify studies that compared parental bonding in people diagnosed with an eating disorder relative to non-clinical controls. Twenty-four studies were identified. Women with eating disorders typically(More)
Explanations regarding the etiology of mental health difficulties have been found to affect public attitudes towards those who experience such difficulties. Utilizing a large, randomized parallel-groups design (N=1004), we examined how standardized differential explanations of voice-hearing influence public attitudes, attributions, and behavioral intentions(More)
PURPOSE Self-esteem (SE), or one's sense of competence and worth, is reduced in many mental and physical disorders. Low SE is associated with perceived stigma and disability and poor treatment outcomes. The present study examined implicit and explicit SE (automatic and deliberate views about the self) in people with epilepsy and people with psychogenic(More)
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