David L. Cohrs

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CLAM is an object-oriented system designed to support the building of extensible graphical user interfaces. CLAM provides a basic windowing environment with the ability to extend its functions using dynamically loaded C++ classes. The dynamically loaded classes allow for performance tuning (by transparently loading the class in either the client or the CLAM(More)
It is common to use servers to provide access to facilities in a distributed system and to use remote procedure call semantics to access these servers. Procedure calls provide a synchronous interface to call downward through successive layers of abstraction, and remote procedure calls allow the layers to reside in different address spaces. Servers, however,(More)
Large internet environments are increasing the difficulty of network management. Integrating increasing numbers of autonomous subnetworks (each with an increasing number of hosts) makes it more difficult to determine if the network managers of the subnetworks will interoperate correctly. We propose a high level, formal specification language, NMSL, as an(More)
Upconn a tool that lets Unix programmers visually describe the connections between the processes in a distributed program and then execute the distributed program, is described. Upconn consists of several modules and can be extended by adding to a library of tools rather than by adding many special features to Upconn itself. Upconn has three main uses.(More)
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