David L. Blank

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This paper reviews the methods for decontaminating hair exposed to external solutions of drugs of abuse. Exposure of hair to cocaine at 1 microgram/ml for 5 min is sufficient to contaminate hair, yet decontamination is a very slow process. Using externally contaminated hair, a number of decontamination procedures were attempted, and none removed all the(More)
Ciliated olfactory receptor neurons in vertebrates turn over throughout life. We show that these neurons bear different types of cilia at different developmental stages; cilia on newly differentiating cells are short and motile; cilia on mature cells are longer and immotile; Mg2+ and adenosine 5'-triphosphate are requisite for ciliary motion; stimulation(More)
This paper explores the variables by which hair samples may become contaminated with cocaine and thereby generate false positives during analysis of hair samples. A novel method for following the incorporation and removal of cocaine from hair was developed. This method allowed a large number of specimens to be analysed under a variety of conditions with(More)
The responses to odor stimulation of 22 single olfactory units in the frog olfactory mucosa were recorded with metal filled micropipettes. Seven purified odorants matched in concentration and a pure air stimulus were administered. The change in firing frequency for each unit to each chemical was evaluated to determine: (1) whether the response patterns(More)
Recent evidence has suggested that electroshock seizure threshold is correlated with levels of brain biogenic amines. Reserpine, a drug that depletes serotonin and norepinephrine, has been shown to decrease seizure thresholds. ECS treatment has been shown to increase amine levels as well as seizure thresholds. Combined reserpine and ECS have been shown to(More)
We have observed the type 1.5 Seyfert galaxy NGC 7213 with the Australian Long Baseline Array (LBA) at 8.4 GHz to discover whether this object has the high brightness temperature compact core suggested by low-frequency variability. Confirmation would support the hypothesis that radio-intermediate Seyfert galaxies have Doppler-boosted radio jets. Our(More)
Recent interest in the neural processing of complex cutaneous stimuli such as moving stimuli has necessitated more versatile stimulating devices. This article describes the construction and application of a relatively inexpensive instrument, utilizing equipment readily available in most neurophysiological laboratories, which provides a variety of moving(More)