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To study the differences of the CS Education and Research communities we have studied the collaboration networks of 6 CS Education conferences and 7 CS Research conferences. Results show that both communities behave differently when collaborating to create technical papers. It could be said that the CS Education community has introversion traits: there is a(More)
ÐLoops are the main time-consuming part of numerical applications. The performance of the loops is limited either by the resources offered by the architecture or by recurrences in the computation. To execute more operations per cycle, current processors are designed with growing degrees of resource replication (replication technique) for memory ports and(More)
All remaining errors are our own. The opinions and analyses are the responsibility of the authors and, therefore, do not necessarily coincide with those of the Banco de España or the Eurosystem. The Working Paper Series seeks to disseminate original research in economics and fi nance. All papers have been anonymously refereed. By publishing these papers,(More)
The inherent instruction-level parallelism (ILP) of current applications (specially those based on Jloating point computations) has driven hardware designers and compilers writers to investigate aggressive techniques for exploiting program parallelism at the lowest level. To execute more operations per cycle, many processors are designed with growing(More)
(*) This paper has been written while the author took part in the " Convocatoria para la realización de trabajos sobre economía en el Banco de España, 2003-2004 ". for helpful comments and suggestions, and Banco de España for financial and technical support. The opinions expressed in this paper are exclusively of the author and do not necessarily reflect(More)
Memory latency and lack of bandwidth are the main barriers to achieve high performance from current and future processors, specially in numeric applications. New organizations of the memory subsystem as well as hardware and software mechanisms to effectively exploit them are required. The paper presents a new compilation technique to pack several(More)
The Skill "Sustainability and Socia Commitment" is commonly accepted as essential in today's world. However it proves tricky to introduce into the curriculum, mainly because of lack of knowledgeable teachers. To address this issue we present a knowledge base that brings together scientific articles, books, videos, compilations of data, experiences, etc.,(More)
A balanced increase of memory bandwidth and computational capabilities is going to be one of the trends in the designSof near future high-performance microprocessors. Alternative solutions are foreseen for the organization of their resources, mainly based on different degrees of resource re lication and/or adaptation of resources to the most frequenty found(More)