David Kwon

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Aging is associated with an increased incidence of heart failure, but the existence of an age-related cardiomyopathy remains controversial. Differences in strain, age and technique of measuring cardiac function differ between experiments, confounding the interpretation of these studies. Additionally, the structural and genetic profile at the onset of heart(More)
OBJECTIVES This study investigated whether it is feasible to use sonography to monitor changes in the optic nerve sheath diameter in a porcine model. METHODS A fiber-optic intracranial pressure transducer was surgically placed through the frontal sinus directly into the brain parenchyma of adult Yorkshire pigs (n = 5). A second bolt was placed on the(More)
  • Albert Saiz, Uri Simonsohn, Wharton Shalini Bhutani, David Kwon, Caleb Li, Joe Evangelist +1 other
  • 2010
The internet contains billions of documents. We study if there is useful information in the frequency with which different topics are written about. Based on the premise that the occurrence of an event increases its textual frequency, we assess whether internet document-frequency can capture cross-sectional variation in the occurrence-frequency of social(More)
Six6, a sine oculis homeobox protein, plays a crucial and conserved role in the development of the forebrain and eye. To understand how the expression of Six6 is regulated during embryogenesis, we screened ~250 kb of genomic DNA encompassing the Six6 locus for cis-regulatory elements capable of directing reporter gene expression to sites of Six6(More)
Vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) is a critical pro-angiogenic factor, found in a number of cancers, and a target of therapy. It is typically assessed by immunohistochemistry (IHC) in clinical research. However, IHC is not a quantitative assay and is rarely reproducible. We compared VEGF levels in colon cancer by IHC and a quantitative immunoassay(More)
Primary peritoneal cystadenocarcinoma is a rare tumor of similar histogenic origin as primary ovarian carcinoma. We present a case of primary peritoneal serous cystadenocarcinoma mimicking advanced colorectal cancer in a 68 yr-old African American female. Radiology, endoscopy and cytology yielded only inconclusive findings. Immunohistochemical analysis of(More)
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