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The fluorescence intensity profiles of thin cross-sections of human lenses were determined as a function of age by scanning microspectrofluorimetry with blue light excitation close to that available in conventional slit-lamp examination (filter transmission maximum 410 nm). The fluorescence intensity of the entire nuclear region increased with age. The(More)
We present the report of the hadronic working group of the BOOST2010 workshop held at the University of Ox-ford in June 2010. The first part contains a review of the potential of hadronic decays of highly boosted particles as an aid for discovery at the LHC and a discussion of the status of tools developed to meet the challenge of reconstructing and(More)
Cupping of the optic nerve, classically a sign of glaucoma, was demonstrated in 16 patients with lesions compressing the anterior visual pathway. Color contrast determinations of the cup/disc ratio demonstrated a ratio greater than 0.49 in 31 eyes. Further evaluation by stereobiomicroscopy showed cavernous degeneration by contour changes in 25 of the optic(More)
The possible use of liposomes as topical drug delivery vehicles for both water- and lipid-soluble drugs has been investigated. Data for two characteristic drugs, penicillin G and indoxole, are presented. Liposome uptake by the cornea is greatest for positively charged liposomes, less for negatively charged liposomes, and least for neutral liposomes,(More)
Fluorescence spectra of human lenses were examined as a function of age. The relative intensity in the blue-green area was red shifted with age. Absorption and scatter produce a substantial contribution to this shift. Some change, however, was the result of a true fluorescence intensity shift. In the lower blue region a true independent red shift was found(More)
A method to enhance retention of drug-bearing liposomes at the corneal surface under conditions of tear flow was investigated. Mixed brain gangliosides were incorporated into the membranes of phosphatidyl choline liposomes to provide receptor sites for wheat germ agglutinin, a plant lectin that binds strongly to both human and rabbit corneal epithelium.(More)
We introduce a new class of jet algorithms designed to return conical jets with a variable ∆R radius. A specific example, in which ∆R scales as 1/p T , proves particularly useful in capturing the kinematic features of a wide variety of hard scattering processes. We implement this ∆R scaling in a sequential recombination algorithm and test it by(More)
This paper shows a simple tabular procedure derived from the method of undetermined coefficients for finding a particular solution to differential equations of the form: m j=0 a j d j y dx j = P (x)e αx (1) This procedure reduces the derivatives of the product of an arbitrary polynomial and an exponential to rows of constants representing the coefficients(More)