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In recent years the computing landscape has seen an increasing shift towards specialized accelerators. Field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) are particularly promising for the implementation of these accelerators, as they offer significant performance and energy improvements over CPUs for a wide class of applications and are far more flexible than(More)
Acceleration in the form of customized datapaths offer large performance and energy improvements over general purpose processors. Reconfigurable fabrics such as FPGAs are gaining popularity for use in implementing application-specific accelerators, thereby increasing the importance of having good high-level FPGA design tools. However, current tools for(More)
Reconfigurable architectures have gained popularity in recent years as they allow the design of energy-efficient accelerators. Fine-grain fabrics (e.g. FPGAs) have traditionally suffered from performance and power inefficiencies due to bit-level reconfigurable abstractions. Both fine-grain and coarse-grain architectures (e.g. CGRAs) traditionally require(More)
Scrabble is a commonly played word game in which players take turns forming words using a set of seven letter tiles and placing them onto a grid, following placement rules similar to a crossword puzzle. Various applications exist for helping players with forming words from their tiles, but few account for all of the possible positions on the board simply(More)
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