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RIG-I detects double-stranded RNA (dsRNA) to trigger antiviral cytokine production. Protein deamidation is emerging as a post-translational modification that chiefly regulates protein function. We report here that UL37 of herpes simplex virus 1 (HSV-1) is a protein deamidase that targets RIG-I to block RNA-induced activation. Mass spectrometry analysis(More)
Comments or questions regarding these guidelines are always welcome. The Department of Natural Resources intends to update this document on a regular basis as changes and improvements warrant. You can contact the Division of Water by the following means: • E-Mail your questions or comments to: water_inquiry@dnr.state.in.us • Send questions or comments to:(More)
Executive Summary The Harvard Faculty of Medicine has a long tradition of supporting faculty development and diversity through successful individual programs and initiatives. Several of the Medical School's affiliated institutions also have robust programs in place to support faculty and trainees in their career development and to promote diversity in their(More)
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