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The quantity and quality of cosmic structure observations have greatly accelerated in recent years, and further leaps forward will be facilitated by imminent projects. These will enable us to map the evolution of dark and baryonic matter density fluctuations over cosmic history. The way that these fluctuations vary over space and time is sensitive to(More)
Baumard et al. attribute to humans a sense of fairness. However, the properties of this sense are so underspecified that the evolutionary account offered is not well-motivated. We contrast this with the framework of Universal Moral Grammar, which has sought a descriptively adequate account of the structure of the moral domain as a precondition for(More)
This Ph.D. project involved making a major contribution to the development and evaluation of a prototype medical optical tomography system. The time-resolved 32-channel instrument is presented, and various instrumental aspects and performance issues are discussed. It has been designed primarily as a continuous bedside monitor for obtaining functional images(More)
This document describes the design of a 32-channel position-monitoring system for the BaBar silicon vertex tracker SVT and drift chamber that meets the requirements described in BaBar Note 302. The system is based on commercially available capacitive sensors and signal conditioning electronics. In this note, we justify the choice of sensor and describe the(More)
This document describes the design of the temperature monitoring and interlocks system for the front-end hybrid HDI circuits of the BaBar silicon vertex tracker SVT. It covers the choice and location of temperature sensors, the cabling of sensor signals, the design of the sensor readout and interlock electronics, and speciications of this system's detector(More)
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