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This paper describes an overview of the Multilin-Traditional Chinese, and Simplified Chinese. Using this test collection, we conducted five sub-tasks: (1) mandatory opinionated sentence judgment , and optional subtasks of (2) relevant sentence judgment, (3) polarity judgment, (4) opinion holder extraction, and (5) opinion target extraction. 32 results were(More)
This paper describes an overview of the Opinion Analysis Pilot Task from 2006 to 2007 at the Sixth NT-CIR Workshop. We created test collection for 32, 30, and 28 topics (11,907, 15,279, and 8,379 sentences) in Chinese, Japanese and English. Using this test collection , we conducted opinion extraction subtask. The subtask was defined from four perspectives:(More)
Recently, there have been significant advances in several areas of language technology, including clustering, text categorization, and summarization. However, efforts to combine technology from these areas in a practical system for information access have been limited. In this paper, we present Columbia's Newsblaster system for online news summarization.(More)
We propose to show the new multilingual version of the Columbia Newsblaster news sum-marization system. The system addresses the problem of user access to browsing news in multiple languages from multiple sites on the internet. The system automatically collects, organizes, and summarizes news in multiple source languages, allowing the user to browse news(More)
The potential of automatically generated indexes for information acces s has been recognized for several decades (e.g., Bush 1945 [2], Edmundson and Wyllys 1961 [4]), but the quantity of text and the ambiguity of natural language processing have made progress at this task more difficult than was originally foreseen. Recently, a body of work on development(More)
Columbia's Newsblaster tracking and summa-rization system is a robust system that clusters news into events, categorizes events into broad topics and summarizes multiple articles on each event. Here we outline our most current work on tracking events over days, producing summaries that update a user on new information about an event, outlining the(More)
We present a new approach for summarizing clusters of documents on the same event, some of which are machine translations of foreign-language documents and some of which are English. Our approach to multilingual multi-document summarization uses text similarity to choose sentences from English documents based on the content of the machine translated(More)