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The lysosomal degradation pathway of autophagy has a crucial role in defence against infection, neurodegenerative disorders, cancer and ageing. Accordingly, agents that induce autophagy may have broad therapeutic applications. One approach to developing such agents is to exploit autophagy manipulation strategies used by microbial virulence factors. Here we(More)
Tree stature is an important ecological and silvicultural characteristic and the high diversity of many tropical forests is associated with a broad range in species stature. A measure of adult size, the 95th percentile of trunk diameter of all diameters 0.1 maximum observed diameter (D950.1) was found to be independent of species abundance and highly(More)
We develop a framework and tools for applying a computer‐assisted context analysis system and find that it achieves levels of accuracy comparable to humans for about 80% less effort when starting from scratch (no labeled examples). The system is presented using a case study of Congressional bill titles as a proxy for the full text of Congressional bills. We(More)
Consumer choice is a central principle of psychosocial rehabilitation and supported housing approaches. This study assessed level of housing choice and the relationship of choice to community success in supported housing demonstration projects in five states. Assessment of level of choice about housing revealed very limited housing options and a high degree(More)
tipped into a new state, similar to a phase transition in physics: production is now ‘inelastic’, unable to respond to rising demand, and this is leading to wild price swings. Other fossil-fuel resources don’t seem capable of making up the difference. Such major spikes in fuel price can cause economic crises, and contributed to the one the world is(More)
We review the three most widely used XML schemas used to mark-up taxonomic texts, TaxonX, TaxPub and taXMLit. These are described from the viewpoint of their development history, current status, implementation, and use cases. The concept of "taxon treatment" from the viewpoint of taxonomy mark-up into XML is discussed. TaxonX and taXMLit are primarily(More)
The political feasibility of using prices to mitigate congestion depends on who receives the toll revenue. We argue that congestion pricing on freeways will have the greatest chance of political success if the revenue is distributed to cities, and particularly to cities through which the freeways pass. In contrast to a number of previous proposals, we argue(More)