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BACKGROUND Interactions between cancer cells and stroma are critical for growth and invasiveness of epithelial tumors. The biochemical mechanisms behind tumor-stromal interactions leading to increased invasiveness and metastasis are mostly unknown. The goal of this study was to analyze the direct effects of staged stroma-derived extracellular matrices on(More)
Liposome-based chemotherapeutics used in the treatment of breast cancer can in principle enhance the therapeutic index of otherwise unencapsulated anticancer drugs. This is partially attributed to the fact that encapsulation of cytotoxic agents within liposomes allows for increased concentrations of the drug to be delivered to the tumor site. In addition,(More)
Partial discharge is measured simultaneously using free-space radiometry (FSR) and a galvanic contact measurement technique based on the IEC 60270 standard. Several types of PD (Partial Discharge) sources are specially constructed: two internal PD emulators and an emulator of the floating-electrode type. The excitation applied to the source is AC and the(More)
The use of nanocarriers such as liposomes to deliver anticancer drugs to tumors can significantly enhance the therapeutic index of otherwise unencapsulated cytotoxic agents. This is in part because of the fact that the phospholipid bilayer can protect healthy sensitive tissue from the damaging effects of these types of drugs. Furthermore, the ease with(More)
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