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‘Now as Then’? Race, Remembrance and the Rhodesian Nation in the 1970s
Kenrick considers the role of race in Rhodesian nationalism, through white responses to black nationalism challenges to the nation in the 1970s. It looks at how white Rhodesians viewed the blackExpand
White Nationalism and Apartheid Strategies of Survival
complexity of local landholding at the same time as offering a clearer record in order to cement land rights. A land ombudsman is suggested as a vehicle for protecting off-register rights. TheExpand
Conclusion: The Strange Afterlife of Rebel Rhodesia
Kenrick draws conclusions from his study of white Rhodesian nationalism between 1965 and 1979. Setting out the key themes of the study: the transnational nature of national projects, the negotiationExpand
‘The Last Word in Rhodesian’: Visions of the Nation in White Rhodesian Music
Kenrick compares the official state-sponsored process of creating a new national anthem for Rhodesia, a farcical affair in which hundreds of entries were created by members of the public, with aExpand