David Keimig

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DNA methylation is an epigenetic mechanism critical for tissue development and cell specification. Mammalian brains consist of many different types of cells with assumedly distinct DNA methylation profiles, and thus some genomic loci may demonstrate bipolar DNA methylation pattern, i.e. hypermethylated in one cell subset but hypomethylated in others.(More)
Pulmonary function measurements, respiratory symptoms, smoking history, and occupational history were obtained from 91 male welders of mild steel, with mean welding exposure of 108 months, and 80 male factory controls. Nonsmoking welders compared to nonsmoking controls reported higher frequencies of respiratory symptoms and the differences were(More)
Breathing zone samples of benzene soluble fraction of total particulate matter (BSFTPM) were obtained for coke oven workers at a selected steel plant from 1979-1983. Analysis of the 1622 samples, collected for compliance with the 1976 OSHA coke oven emissions standard, indicated that there were significant differences in exposures to BSFTPM among the(More)
Spirometric parameters are generally obtained at ambient (spirometer) temperature pressure saturated (ATPS) and then converted to body temperature pressure saturated (BTPS) by multiplying each observed value by a BTPS correction factor. At ambient temperatures of 23 degrees C or higher, the accepted practice of using a constant BTPS factor introduces a(More)
The emerging genome-wide hairpin bisulfite sequencing (hairpin-BS-Seq) technique enables the determination of the methylation pattern for DNA double strands simultaneously. Compared with traditional bisulfite sequencing (BS-Seq) techniques, hairpin-BS-Seq can determine methylation fidelity and increase mapping efficiency. However, no computational tool has(More)
Leptomeningeal anastomoses play a critical role in regulating vascular re-perfusion following obstruction, however, the mechanisms regulating their development remains under investingation. Our current findings indicate that EphA4 receptor is a novel negative regulator of collaterogenesis. We demonstrate that EphA4 is highly expressed on pial arteriole(More)
An industrial hygiene study of the entire United States gilsonite industry was done by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) to evaluate the potential for occupational health problems resulting from exposures to gilsonite and its constituents. Gilsonite is a solidified hydrocarbon substance mined only in northeastern Utah to(More)
Gilsonite, a solidified hydrocarbon used in the manufacture of automotive body seam sealers, is mined only in the Uinta Basin of Eastern Utah and Western Colorado. Health effects of gilsonite dust exposure have not previously been published and exposure to gilsonite dust is not regulated. To examine potential respiratory health effects associated with(More)
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