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This paper looks at how departures from humanitarian principles can be accommodated, legitimised and obscured within the international humanitarian system. It looks particularly at the case of Sierra Leone between 1991 and 1995. It analyses how misinformation about the causes and dynamics of violence and regarding the aid system contribute to the erosion of(More)
Recent economic growth and the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) have both been seen as grounds for optimism about the future of food security in Sudan. However, solving the North-South conflict (if indeed it is solved) does not resolve conflicts within either the North or the South and may even encourage a variety of conflicts. The classic neoliberal(More)
The nonlocal nature of quantum entanglement has remained a subject of great interest since the earliest days of quantum mechanics as it causes many of the paradoxes and lies at the heart of the profound difference between quantum mechanics and classical physics. Quantum entanglement is observed primarily for simple quantum objects (photons or/and atoms) in(More)
A group of s tudents and university officials travelled to two nearby universities this week to explore alternative food service systems. T h e group consisted of Vice President for Adminis t ra t ion William Akers, Director of F o o d and Hous ing Mar ion Hicks, F o o d C o m m i t t e e C h a i r m a n J o h n Szalkowski, Co-Mas te r Mary Armeniades, and(More)
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