David Karl Ruch

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In Chui and Wang 3], support properties are derived for a scaling function generating a function space V 0 L 2 (IR). Motivated by this work, we consider support properties for scaling vectors. In 9], Goodman and Lee derive necessary and suucient conditions for the scaling vector f 1 ; : : :; r g, r 1, to form a Riesz basis for V 0 and develop a general(More)
This paper considers Gibbs' phenomenon for scaling vectors in L 2 (R). We first show that a wide class of multiresolution analyses suffer from Gibbs' phenomenon. To deal with this problem, in [11], Walter and Shen use an Abel summation technique to construct a positive scaling function P r , 0 < r < 1, from an orthonormal scaling function φ that generates V(More)
Due to its origin from renewable resources, its biodegradability, and recently, its industrial implementation at low costs, poly(lactide) (PLA) is considered as one of the most promising ecological, bio-sourced and biodegradable plastic materials to potentially and increasingly replace traditional petroleum derived polymers in many commodity and engineering(More)
Eumelanin is a ubiquitous pigment in nature and has many intriguing physicochemical properties, such as broad-band and monotonous absorption spectrum, antioxidant and free radical scavenging behavior, and strong nonradiative relaxation of photoexcited electronic states. These properties are highly related to its structural and mechanical properties and make(More)
We present a backward biorthogonalization technique for giving an orthogonal projection of a biorthogonal expansion onto a smaller subspace, reducing the dimension of the initial space by dropping d basis functions. We also determine which basis functions should be dropped to minimize the L 2 distance between a given function and its projection. This(More)
One advantage of scaling vectors over a single scaling function is the compatibility of symmetry and orthogonality. This paper investigates the relationship between symmetry, vanishing moments, orthogonality, and support length for a scaling vector Φ. Some general results on scaling vectors and vanishing moments are developed, as well as some necessary(More)
The purpose of this paper is to study the relationships between the support of a reenable distribution and the global and local linear independence of the integer translates of : It has been shown elsewhere that a compactly supported distribution has globally independent integer translates if and only if has minimal convex support. However, such a(More)
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