David Kamins

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A software system for developing interactive scientific visualization applications quickly, with a minimum of programming effort, is described. This application visualization system (AVS) is an application framework targeted at scientists and engineers. The goal of the system is to make applications that combine interactive graphics and high computational(More)
Features such as shape, mot ion and pressure, minutiae details and timing, and transformation methods such as Hadamard and Walsh have been used in handwrit ten signature recognition with various degrees of success. Others have successfully used nonlinear warping functions to optimally t ime-match an unknown to a s tandard signature. In this research, a fast(More)
We describe an integrated set of tools for interacting with volumetric data. These tools consist of a unified set of filters, which operate on volumetric data; mappers, which reduce volume data to lower dimensional geometric primitives; and renderers, which create pictures based on images, three-dimensional geometries, and volumes. These tools are designed(More)
This paper mainly focused on the evaluation of an authentication system based on personal signatures. Signature verification is an important research topic in the area of biometric authentication. In this paper the work is done in such a way that the signatures are captured using WEBCAM. A visual-based online signature verification system in which the(More)
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